Tanning Services

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Pacifica Tanning Bed

Bed number 1 is a 12 minute Pacifica with a face tanning option with built in fans.

Ovation Tanning Bed

Bed number 2 is a 12 minute Ovation 6400. This bed has high intensity 160 watt bulbs, 4 facial lamps, shoulder/side tanners and air conditioning to keep you comfortable.

Tanning Prices

1 Tan Session $8.00

5 Tanning Sessions $13.00

10 Tanning Sessions $18.00

15 Tanning Sessions $23.00

20 Tanning Sessions $28.00

25 Tanning Sessions $33.00

30 Tanning Sessions $38.00

40 Tanning Sessions $46.00

50 Tanning Sessions $56.00

60 Tanning Sessions $67.00

No discounts on tanning.

No Refund Policy: If the service is wrong, we do not do refunds, clients will have one week after the service to get it fixed. After that week is up, clients can no longer get it fixed.


  • All prices are subject to change. Please check in-shop for pricing updates.
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